The Ms. Adventures of Mom was created by Jana as a place where her rambling thoughts can take shape. With her over 30 years of experience being an all-around childcare specialist and experimenter with recipes, as well as having been through many years of negotiating the landscape of raising kids in split-time, she has a few insights that have helped others…even if it was to simply give them reassurance that they were not alone in this Big Bad World. This blog also gives this Sci-Fi and tech loving professional geek and big-dog-loving-mama a chance to flex her lifetime love of writing and certified editing skillz.

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Note: This site may be updated at any time for updates.

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  1. lovefoodies says:

    Wow! Jana, congratulations on your blog! I am so very proud of you and I look forward to reading all your posts to come. Wow wow wow!

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